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Checking Accounts


Choose from one of our many different types of checking accounts. You can also have one of our check cards for purchasing and accessing cash.

Personal Checking Accounts/Services

  • Signature Account

Signature Account

A minimum of $25.00 deposit is required for opening the account.  There is a service charge of $2.95 for paper statements.  Fee can be waived with Electronic Statements or 10 POS transactions a month.

Interest Bearing/Variable Rate

  • Money Market Accounts
  • Seniority Checking Interest
  • Teen Difference Checking Account
  • College Checking Account


Money Market Checking Account

A minimum of $25.00 is required as an opening deposit. If the average balance falls below $1000.00 you will earn the current statement savings account rate. A balance exceeding $1000.00 earns interest according to a tiered balance schedule as provided in the account Truth-In-Savings disclosure. Federal Law limits the number of transfers in savings and money market accounts to six per calendar month. A service charge will apply for each check or debit card transaction clearing the account that exceeds the maximum allowed. You are allowed unlimited withdrawals in person within the bank.

Seniority Checking Account

If you are 55 years of age, you are eligible for Seniority Checking. $25.00 opening deposit is required. The account earns monthly interest at the current NOW account annual percentage yield if a minimum average daily balance of $500.00 is maintained. Interest is not paid if the average balance falls below $500.00. The account is service charge free. ATM fee refunds of up to $12.00 monthly with an average balance over $500.00. Money orders, and cashiers checks are provided at no cost. Personalized checks are available at an exclusive discount. The Seniority Club features social activities, travel, special banking privileges, and a quarterly newsletter. No membership fee is required.

Teen Difference Checking Account

Account holder must be between the ages of 13-18 and have a parent or legal guardian's signature if under 18. No minimum deposit but the required opening deposit of $25.00 can be matched up to $10.00 after a 60 day waiting period. No minimum balance required. Free ATM or Photo Debit Card with parents/guardian's signature. Up to $12.00 per month of foreign ATM fees refunded. Must access online banking at least once per month and have at least one deposit per month to receive refund. Free online banking, must sign up for online banking with electronic statements. No online bill pay, checks or overdraft privileges.

Second Chance Account

The Second Chance account is an account that can offer you an opportunity to get your finances back on track.  The account includes FREE online banking, and a FREE debit card with a $500 daily limit.  Electronic Statements are required for the account which in turn makes you eligible for free Bill Pay.  There is no Minimum balance required, but there is a $7.00 monthly service charge.  You must have at least 25.00 to open the account and there is no Protect-A-Check (Overdraft Protection) available for the account.  If you are currently on Check-Systems please call us at 636-583-2555 to find out if you are eligible for this account.

College Checking Account

Account holder must be between the ages of 18-25. $25.00 opening deposit required. No monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirements. Free Debit Card. Up to $12.00 in foreign ATM fees refunded each month. You must have at least 10 debit card transactions and log into online banking each month. Must sign up for online banking and have electronic statements.

Check our current Checking Interest Rates here.

* APY--Annual Percentage Yield

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