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What is the Financial Developmental Program?

United Bank of Union strives to enhance its customer engagement by providing new services and programs to grow your banking experience. Our newest addition, the Financial Development Program, will offer seminars to help the community understand all the facets of financial acquisition and financial management.

The Financial Development Program will also reintroduce banking products and services that have been around for years and assist those who are seeking financial literacy. These products and services will simplify your banking and United Bank of Union's Financial Development Program will provide one-on-one training for customers seeking information and skills to utilize electronic products and services.

Financial Tools

Click Here to Utilize Calculators*

*Information provided by the calculators on the ABA website is intended for demonstrative purposes only. Prior to relying on the results, please be sure to speak with a financial professional.

United Bank of Union Presents: 

Monthly Financial Education Seminars

Topics will include but not be limited to:

  • Paying/Saving for College
  • Medicare Changes
  • Banking Basics 101
  • Personal Budgets
  • Taxes 101
  • Home Buying
  • Estates, Trusts and Wills
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • "Investing" in Your Future
  • Financial Security for Senior Adults
  • Planning for Retirement
  • UBU Banking Services and Technology


UBU's Financial Development Seminars are an exciting new part of the FDP, where one designated day each month, we will focus on a financial topic and assist you in finding resources to help enhance your financial independence.