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Online Banking Gets a Makeover

United Bank of Union has decided to update the design of online banking. The banner above shows what the future design will look like. A few items are listed below that have been changed.

  • The background will now be similar to what you see on the homepage of United Bank of Union’s Website.
  • On the homepage of online banking the navigation tools are now at the top right hand side of online banking (I.E. Accounts, Express Transfers, and BillPay).
  • Documents will now be called E-Statements.
  • You will see Internal Transfers and External Transfers as separate buttons.

The general layout is very similar to what the previous design was.  Business Online Banking is very similar in regards to the new design with a few small differences from Personal Online Banking.

We are looking forward to releasing this new design shortly. If you have any questions please call 636-583-2555 and ask for a new accounts representative.