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United Bank of Union Switch Kit

Upgrading your banking experience has never been easier with the UBU Switch Kit.  Four simple steps outlined will you on your way to better banking.  Please fill out these forms and mail to P.O. Box 500 Union, Missouri 63084 or email it directly to

1. Customer Profile

Tell us about you. This form helps begin the process of us better understanding your banking needs.

2. Setting Up Your New Account

An Account Services Representative will invite you into one of our three branches for a short visit to explain the features, benefits and guidelines of your new account.  The UBU representative can help you fill out the Automatic Payment Request and Direct Deposit Update forms to make your upgrade to United Bank of Union as seamless as possible.

3. Close Your Old Account

Once Direct Deposit and Automatic Payments are updated to your UBU account, your old account can now be closed. Submit the Account Closure Request form to your previous financial institution to ensure that account closes successfully.  Once that is finalized, you will be on your way to a better, brighter future with United Bank of Union.

4. Welcome to UBU - We Are So Glad You're Here