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(636) 583-2555

Easy Access Telephone Banking


Fast, convenient, and easy to use; United Bank of Union offers “Easy Access,” a telephone banking system. Easy Access gives you an opportunity to check many aspects of your account. You will never have to worry about your account again.

As a depositor or loan customer of United Bank of Union, you have immediate and "Easy Access" to information concerning your account. With a simple 4 digit PIN (personal identification number), you can obtain the following by calling 636-583-7700:

  • Account Information
  • Balance of Your Account
  • What check cleared?
  • Did a check clear?
  • Did my Direct Deposit come in?
  • What is the payoff of my loan?
  • What are the bank's hours?
  • Does the bank have any new services?
  • What is the time and temperature?
  • I need to transfer funds!
  • I need to transfer funds from one account to another!
  • I need to leave a message for tomorrow

Take advantage of this FREE service. A touch tone phone, your account number, and your PIN is all you need. This "on-line" computer service provides you up-to-the-minute information.

Online Banking

MyBanking online brings banking to you, 24 hours a day, wherever there is internet access.

Debit Cards

Make purchases, get cash, and have peace of mind.


Save paper, and time by seeing your transaction history with just the click of a mouse.