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TransferNow is a product inside electronic banking that allows you to transfer money between internal and external accounts at other financial institutions.

  • Two Types of Verification
    • Real Time Verification with external bank online credentials.
    • Two small trial deposits into the external account to activate the account.

  • Two Types of Transfers
    • Express Delivery – which is next business day ($5.00 per transfer).
    • Standard Delivery – which is 2-3 business days (no fee associated with this transfer).

  • Must be a signer on the external account you are trying to add.

Contact a New Accounts Representative today for more information at 636-583-2555.

Click below to watch the educational video on TransferNow, which gives a very good visual description of how it will look in within your online banking account, as well as how to add an external account.

Go to TransferNow Video