UBU Digital Pay Solutions

Your mobile device may also double as a mobile wallet! A mobile wallet functions similarly to a traditional wallet, storing card information in a secured application. Add your United Bank of Union debit card to your smartphone or smart watch's digital wallet to get started. 

Benefits of Mobile Wallet:


Easily keep track of your debit card in the digital wallet app. Rather than sifting through credit cards, reward and loyalty cards, and miscellaneous receipts to find your debit card, your digital wallet immediately pulls up your stored cards for quick and easy access.

Efficient & Quick 

No need to juggle your wallet, keys, and purse at check-out; simply tap your smart device's payment module to authorize the transaction and wave your device above the credit card terminal. Online retailers often are compatible with digital wallets, meaning you can make purchases online by utilizing your digital wallet as well! 

Extensive Compatibility

Several companies are compatible with digital pay solutions, including but not limited to: 



Increased Security with Mobile Wallet: 

tokenization of transactions

Digital wallet solutions utilize tokenization; this is when a unique and randomized set of numbers is used with each digital transaction. This means your real card number is never shared when conducting a digital pay transaction.

Mobile wallet protection

Digital wallets have additional security measures within their applications; depending on the device, most utilize one of the following options to increase the security of card information: a secure PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition software. 

no need to carry your card with you

As digital wallets securely store and encrypt your card information within the app, you do not need your physical debit card for purchases at retailers and merchants that utilize Digital Pay. You can tell if a merchant accepts digital wallet payments if they have this symbol on their credit card machines: 

Not having to carry your debit card and physically swipe it at locations means less chance of losing or misplacing your card, not to mention the other valuable items in your wallet. If you lose your phone or watch, simply give us a call and we can remove that card from being used on your mobile device. 

Questions on how to get your mobile wallet set up? Contact us at 636-583-2555 or fill out our Contact Inquiry Form for assistance. Remember: please do not submit personal information including account numbers and debit card numbers through the Contact Inquiry Form. 

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