United Bank of Union Debit Cards

United Bank of Union offers instant issue EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip debit cards available at each branch location. Customers walk out of the bank with their debit card ready to use for purchases.

Freedom Check EMV Debit and ATM Cards

United Bank of Union’s Freedom Check Card allows customers to debit their checking account wherever MasterCard is accepted. Debit cards include all ATM card features, including access to available checking or savings accounts at United Bank of Union ATMs and MoneyPass ATMs. Savings account cards are issued for free to qualifying customers ages 18 and older. Teen Difference account holders are eligible for a free debit or ATM card with a parent or legal guardian’s signature. Visit a United Bank of Union representative at any of our three branches to determine which card is best for you. Fees may apply for certain card transactional use. See the ATM/Debit Card Fee Schedule for details.  

Debit Card Support Line Available 24/7

The UBU Debit Card Contact Center now offers 24/7 support to United Bank of Union Debit Card holders. While our Customer Call Center closes at the end of each business day, the Card Contact Center is always available! This line is secure and encrypted.

The UBU Card Contact Center service can help customers to: 

  • Active debit cards
  • Confirm Digital Wallet Tokenization codes (such as with ApplePay)
  • Establish travel exceptions for up to 60 days
  • Receive CardValet support
  • Request a replacement card (to be mailed to their address or picked up in a branch)
  • Reset their PIN
Call 1-833-604-0710
to Check Out This New Service Today! 

Debit Card Issues

If your debit card is lost or you believe it may have been stolen, please contact us immediately at (636)-583-2555 to close or inactivate the card. The new 24/7 Debit Card Support Line can also provide assistance. 

Do you have fraudulent activity on your account? Download the Fraud Dispute Form here.

Do you have unauthorized transactions on your account? Download the Unauthorized Activity Dispute Form here.
If you have a United Bank of Union MasterCard debit card, you are eligible for for MasterCard's ID Theft Protection. Click here fore more helpful tools on how to keep your identity safe.