We know that losing money to scams can be devastating for our customers. These fraud practices have become more frequent and complex and United Bank of Union remains dedicated to helping you protect what you’ve earned.


Here are some ways to identify common scams and how to prevent or report them.

*United Bank of Union will update you here as new frauds or trends arise.*

Current Scams

UBU Text Scam - 4/26/24

What you could be experiencing: You as a victim would receive a text that states there was an attempt to add a device to your online banking and provides a link to a fake UBU website. 

What you should do: Block the sender's number, delete the text, and do not click on the link. Please call us at 636-583-2555 to verify any account changes and log into your online banking on our official website ubu.bank.  


Imposter Scam

What you could be experiencing: You as a victim could receive a call from what looks like United Bank of Union, even spoofing to look like UBU's number (636-583-2555). This person will discuss broad topics with you such as debit card issues or outstanding debt and ask for personal information including your SSN and Account details in return.

What you should do: Please remember that United Bank of Union will never call and ask you for your information – we already have what we need if you are a customer. A best practice is to hang up and call us directly and we can help you from there. They will likely call back; ignore the calls.

Debt Collection/Tax Fraud Scam

What you could be experiencing: Fraudsters may call posing as a representative of law enforcement, debt collection agency, or even the IRS. This scam typically comes with more hostility and will include threats of jail or major fines from the government if you do not provide payment of some sort within a short time period.

 What you should do: Do not give any personal or account information to the caller. Hang up anytime you are uncomfortable. To check if there are any legitimate tax issues, you can call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-0433.

Bitcoin investors

What you could be experiencing: You may be contacted by fraudsters with opportunities to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These scams can be started with online transactions or visits to Bitcoin machines in your area. These transactions are largely untraceable, and it is impossible to recover lost funds.

What you should do: Again, do not give out personal information or the information for your accounts for crypto transfers. Do not send money directly to fraudsters via Bitcoin machines. Speak with a financial professional before beginning these types of transactions. Do your research on the services you are considering.

Software Scam

What you could be experiencing: You could be receiving a call from a representative pretending to be from Microsoft or an antivirus company to gain access to your computer. Typically, they will send you a link that gives direct access to your computer or other electronic devices. Once they have this access, they can install software, steal account numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information.

 What you should do: Do not give access over the phone to your computer or follow these links. If access has already been given, take your device to a nearby computer repair store to have it cleaned out and reset. UBU suggests NAS Technology in Sullivan. They can be reached at 573-259-9626 and can show you ways to keep your devices safe.

Whitewashing Checks

What you could be experiencing: Scammers often steal checks from the mail or find other ways to get their hands on checks. Once they have a check in hand, they can “wash” it, altering dates, payees, amounts, and signatures. They may even re-print checks using the account and routing information.

What you should do: Remember to always review your accounts and transactions. United Bank of Union recommends our online banking services to quickly review activity, but you may also receive paper statements monthly to review. If you see any checks that have been altered or were not authorized, please come into a UBU branch so an Account Services Representative can assist you. In addition, when you mail checks, take them directly to the Post Office rather than leaving them in your mailbox for pickup.