Savings Account Options at United Bank of Union

United Bank of Union’s saving accounts allow customers to save for their future and earn interest. We’ll take you further with several great options. Visit a branch today to get started.
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, United Bank of Union will be waiving the fee normally charged for exceeding the limit of six withdrawals or transfers from a savings account within one statement cycle. This relief will be effective through December 31, 2020. If you should have any questions regarding how this may affect you, please contact us at (636)-583-2555.

Dragon Savers Companion Savings  Statement Savings Ultimate Savings
Age  0-12 -- -- --
Interest Yes Yes Yes Yes 
ATM Card 
Yes Yes  Yes
Special Features 
Club Membership ***
Stamp Card for Deposits
Annual Family Picnic
Higher  Interest  Rate *
Higher Interest Rate **

Companion Savings Account (Variable Rate) *

Want to earn more on your money and still access it with no penalty? Now you can with United Bank of Union’s Companion Savings Account. Open any authorized Certificate of Deposit (CD) product and you are eligible to make a one-time deposit up to the amount of the CD into the Companion Savings Account that will earn you a higher APY than other Savings Account options. A minimum balance of $1,000.00 is required to obtain the advertised APY. This interest rate reverts to the Statement Savings rate if the balance falls below the daily minimum balance of $1,000.00. No additional deposits can be made into the account unless a new CD is opened at the time of the deposit. The amount of the additional deposit must be of equal or lesser than the amount of the accompanying CD opened. All other CD and Statement Savings Account rules apply. Fees may reduce earnings.


Statement Savings (Variable Rate)

United Bank of Union’s standard Statement Savings Account earns interest on a monthly basis and active accounts are service-charge free! A minimum of $25.00 is required for an opening deposit and a $1.00 minimum balance is required to obtain the advertised Annual Percentage Yield (APY). No minimum balance is required thereafter if account remains active. See the Savings Fee Schedule for details on inactive and dormant accounts and the applicable fees associate with them. Account holders receive monthly statements. Federal Law limits the number of transfers in savings and money market accounts to six per calendar month. A service charge will apply for each check or debit card transaction clearing the account that exceeds the maximum allowed. You are allowed unlimited withdrawals in person within the bank.


Ultimate Savings (Variable Rate) **

United Bank of Union’s Ultimate Savings Account gives customers opportunities to earn a higher APY. This account requires a minimum of $50,000.00 to open the account and to obtain the advertised APY. One withdrawal is allowed per monthly statement cycle. All subsequent withdrawals during the statement cycle are subject to a service charge. See the Savings Fee schedule for details. This interest rate reverts to the Statement Savings rate if the balance falls below the daily minimum balance of $50,000.00.

Dragon Savers Savings (Variable Rate) ***

Visit our Dragon Savers Club page for more information.