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Loan Officers

Meet our loan staff.

Michael S. Elliott
NMLS# 746296
Michael S. Elliott has 30 years of banking experience. He is located at the Main location in downtown Union. His primary focus is Commercial Lending, in addition to running all areas of the bank. Mike also serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

Dale Schmuke
Senior Vice President /Cashier
NMLS# 675768
Dale Schmuke has worked for United Bank of Union for 35 years. Dale is located at our Main Facility and is the Branch Manager of this location. As Head Cashier, he is responsible for all teller duties and security for United Bank. Dale is also part of the lending department and specializes in residential and consumer lending.

Keith G. Crews
Senior Vice President
NMLS# 675546
Keith Crews has worked for United Bank of Union for 25 years and is located at our Main Bank location. Keith is in charge of Retail Lending for United Bank and his primary focus is commercial and residential lending.

Charlie Davis
Senior Vice President
NMLS# 675597
Charlie Davis has been banking over 32 years.  Charlie is currently located at our Main facility location.  His primary focus is on commercial loans, primary lending and credit risk issues.

Aaron Hall
Vice President
NMLS# 539523
Aaron Hall has worked for United Bank of Union for 14 years. Aaron is located at the Main Facility location. Aaron’s primary focus is Residential Lending, specializing in First Time Homebuyer loans. He also works with commercial and consumer lending.

Michele Dierker
Assistant Vice President/Secondary Market Coordinator
NMLS# 539522
Michele Dierker has 20 years of banking experience and she is located at our Main bank location. Currently, her primary focus is residential and consumer lending. Michele is the supervisor of the secondary market lending program. 

Linda Lakebrink
Retail Loan Officer
Linda Lakebrink has 20 years of banking experience and is currently located at the Main Branch location.  Currently her primary focus is residential lending-First Time Homebuyer and Consumer Lending.

Christina Hickman
Retail Loan Officer
NMLS# 675403
Christina has been in banking for 17 years and is currently located at the West Branch location.  She specializes in Mortgage and Consumer Loans.