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Home Loans

Customers are always asking us about loans for veterans, zero or low down payment options, home equity, refinancing, renovation loans, home construction loans, and other unique options to fit their needs. United Bank of Union has a variety of Home Loan options and Mortgages available and our team of Mortgage Lenders are experienced in matching customer needs to their available options.

Whether you are looking to leverage your house equity, refinance, get a home improvement loan, or a new house loan, visit one of United Bank of Union’s quality loan officers today. Let United Bank of Union help you become a home owner or to make improvements to your home!

United Bank of Union offers Mortgage and Home Loan opportunities including:

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)*
  • Mortgage Refinancing*
  • USDA Home Loans*
  • VA Mortgages*
  • FDA House Loans*
  • Home Construction Loans*
  • Home Improvement Loans*
  • First Time Home Buyer Loans*
  • HomeReady Loans*
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans*
  • Low Cost Balloon Notes*

* See a United Bank of Union Loan Officer for details.


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