Online Banking

United Bank of Union's Online Banking

Did You Hear?

UBU is undergoing a Digital Banking Upgrade! Effective March 3, 2021, UBU customers will have access to a new, powerful, user-friendly system designed to make your banking experience better than ever! For details, visit our Upgrade page here. 

Online banking offers convenient and safe access to accounts while on the go with just a username and password. To add features to your accounts, contact an Account Services Representative today at (636)-583-2555. Customers can review account balances and transactions, access bank statements, and initiate internal transfers. 

Additional Features with Online Banking 


eStatements are a fast, easy, and environmentally-friendly way to receive bank statements. Call today to learn how signing up for eStatements may more than trees, but potentially account services charges too.

Bill Pay

Pay bills online or through the United Bank of Union Mobile Banking App. Bills can be set up to be paid on a one-time basis or set up on a recurring basis. Once payments are set up through the online banking platform, payments can be paid from the mobile app at any time. Contact an Accounts Service Representative to sign up for this feature today!

Bill pay features: 
  • Pay Virtually Anyone
  • Send Money to Friends and Family
  • Group Payments into Categories
  • Payment Reminders
  • Historical Payment Information


TransferNow is an electronic banking product that allows customers to transfer money between internal United Bank of Union accounts and external accounts held at other financial institutions.

Two Types of Verification:
  • Real-time verification with external bank online credentials
  • Two small trial deposits into the external account to activate this feature

Three TransferNow Options:
  • Next Day Outbound Transfer
    • Processes in 1 business day
    • Daily limit of $2000
    • Monthly limit of $5,000
  • Standard Outbound Transfer
    • Processes in 2-3 business days
    • Daily limit of $5,000
    • Monthly limit of $10,000
  • Standard Inbound Transfer
    • Processes in 2-3 business days
    • Daily limits of $5,000
    • Monthly limit of $10,000
For more information regarding TransferNow capabilities, contact an Account Services Representative at (636)-583-2555.

Consumer Mobile Capture

Deposit checks directly from a mobile device or tablet by downloading the United Bank of Union mobile app. Visit an Account Services representative today to learn how enrolling in eStatements can waive the .50 cent transaction fee per mobile deposit.

*Customer must be a signer on the external account to be eligible for this service.