Verify Your Contact Information

Verify Your Customer Contact Information 

Why Is Updated Information Important? 

- Updated information allows our systems to pinpoint and identify suspicious activity on your account, and mitigate any risks. 
- This information also allows us to get in touch with you quickly and efficiently in the case we may need to reach you - whether it's to alert you to suspicious activity or just a call to see if there's anything UBU can do to enhance your banking experience!

How Do I Verify My Information?

- Give us a call at 636-583-2555 and let a Call Center Specialist know that you want to ensure that your info on file is correct. 
- The next time you're at a UBU Drive-Thru, be sure to fill out a customer info verification slip, or let a Teller know you'd like one.
- For email address verifications only, log into Online Banking by clicking here. The steps below can help guide you through this process.
  • Log into online banking and click Profile in the top right hand corner of your screen. 
  • Under the Profile section, click "Edit" next to "Email" to update your address
  • View your current email address, and if necessary, enter your new email in the box below to update. Your new email must be entered in both of the text boxes to save correctly. Be sure to save your changes!

Have a question? Please reach out! Feel free to give us a call at 636-583-2555 or submit an online Contact Inquiry form. Remember: please don't submit confidential information via the Contact Inquiry Form, give us a call instead and we can help.